ANCHOR Homeschool Co-op


Classes for the Spring semester will begin on August 12th, 2019! ANCHOR Homeschool membership is required to be part of the co-op. Classes will be available for nursery through high school on Mondays from 9:15am-12:30pm for 12 weeks. This includes a 30 minute morning mingle, followed by two 1.5 hour classes. Parents are expected to teach one class and assist in one class. Co-op Fees are $10 per child or $25 per child for High School Drop-Off. NOTE: This co-op requires a commitment. Please only join if you know you can be present and prepared each week.

Contact for Co-op: Kelli Walker (co-op director)

What is Co-op?

Co-op is a structured learning time, organized and carried out by and for ANCHOR Homeschool members. The purpose of Co-op is to encourage students to learn something new in a group setting, while fostering a sense of community.

Who is Co-op For?
Co-op is for families who are members of ANCHOR Homeschool with school-aged children and their younger siblings.

Where Do We Meet?

Currently, ANCHOR Homeschool Co-op meets at the Bell Shoals Baptist Church Apollo Beach Campus.

What Types of Classes are Offered at Co-op?

Classes are offered on a wide range of topics, often extra-curricular in nature, sometimes taking advantage of a group setting, and are not intended to replace or supplant the academic track that families have in place. Each semester’s classes are determined by what participating families choose to offer.

Family Expectations for Co-op Time

The general expectation is that one adult from each family will either teach one class and assist in another class.


Dissecting a frog in Science class.
5th and 6th Graders.
Kindergarteners learning aerodynamics.
High School Labs