S.T.E.A.M. Club

Since we are going through this time of a new contagious disease, ANCHOR has planned a semester that will be quite different from others. But, different in a good way! In order to make our social interaction as safe as possible, we will use OUTDOOR classrooms for the Fall semester! What a great opportunity to get messy!

What each kid will need:

* their own clipboard

* a pencil with eraser

Parents should also bring:

* hand sanitizer

* wet wipes

* bottled water

* bug spray


STEAM details:

For 6 weeks, starting in September, our kids will explore the world of STEAM, making some awesome science experiments, developing their artistic side and exploring nature, while still connecting with old friends and making new ones.

Kids will be divided by age group, according to the number of kids enrolled. Parents will be scheduled to run the class on a rotation. Our ANCHOR S.T.E.A.M. Coordinator will help each parent plan and execute their class according to the schedule. Leading Parent should be prepared to lead the experiment, explaining the “how’s” and “why’s”. Assisting Parents are there to help keep the kids attention on the Leading Parent, following the procedure and rules, as well as help any kids that need a hand.

Materials should be requested or their purchase authorized for a refund with at least 2 weeks in advance.


Age range: Kindergarten – 6th grade

Cost: $10 per child

When: Mondays 10am-11am

Where: location will vary each week

Max number of kids per group*: 10


Inclement Weather: Participants will be notified via text message in case of cancellation due to inclement weather approximately 30 min before start time. A make-up class will be scheduled if possible.


Siblings younger than Kindergarten: When an older sibling is taking a class, younger siblings are welcome to play in the playground or any available area. Parents who are not leading or assisting a class will be supervising those younger kids. As a part of the ANCHOR family, we look out for each other and everyone is invaluable!


Sick policy: Please, refrain from bringing kids with any signs of sickness. Contact our Coordinator to let her know you won't be making it so we are prepared with the right amount of material or if we need a replacement in case you were scheduled to lead that session.


Payment can be made in person at our next activity or via paypal.


S.T.E.A.M. Club Dates: 09/21, 09/28, 10/19, 10/26, 11/09, 11/16. The first Monday of each month ANCHOR usually has a special event, so no Club will be scheduled.


Sample topics you can choose from (just for ideas):

1 Science: Nature Bug Hunt – Animal Life Cycles

Discover the area of an atom that causes reactions to happen. Experiment with what causes endothermic and exothermic reactions.

2 Art and Science: Painting a Beach scene. What animals do we find at the beach. Tides.

Rockets: Learn how astronauts live in space and launch a high-flying model rocket. Baking soda rockets.

3 Weather in different parts of the USA: Make Snow! Genes and DNA: Learn and build a DNA model
4 Science: Fairy Houses – using Nature to be creative and imaginative. Painting: how to make objects appear 3D
5 Engineering: Building Popsicle Forts – Can it stand to a hurricane? An earthquake? Test how Oil Spills affect Wild Life - https://codakid.com/middle-school-science-experiments/
6 Science: Making a Volcano Design a Solar Oven
7 Science: The Water Cycle Dissect a Flower
8 Engineering: Make a Sculpture out of Recycled materials Use Cabbage to Test pH
9 Weather: Learn about the Weather and make a Cloud Jar. Elephant Toothpaste
10 Rocket Engineer: Design a Rocket and make it Blast Off! Water Color Self Portrait
11 Human Body: Fingerprints and other ways we are different. Make a fingerprint craft.
12 Icky Sticky Science: How Glue is Made