P.E. starts on Monday!

8 Aug by Sandy B.ⳬ

P.E. starts on Monday!

Dear ANCHOR families,
P.E. starts on Monday! Holly is very excited to share this fun time with our kids! A few notes to remember:
* P.E. starts at 1:30pm at the Apollo Beach park.
* Bring lunch if you are coming straight from Co-Op.
* Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing.
* Bring a water bottle – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
* Parents must stay and help supervise – this is a public park.
* If your kid has a health condition, please check with their doctor before participating.
* Make sure your kids are ready to follow instructions. We want to make sure everyone is safe and happy (including our volunteers!).
* First day is BASKETBALL, so bring yours if you have one!

Contact Holly Grundlingh* for any questions. We hope you and your family have a ton of fun learning about sports and team work!

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