Fellowship Fridays

Every Friday one age group will have an activity planned to create opportunities for fellowship, for our families to be together, for our kids to make friends and deepen those friendships, to do life together.

ANCHOR is here to provide that “tribe” we all search for and need when raising our kids. We hope that Fellowship Fridays will provide that opportunity to be together and get to know each other deeper.

Our groups meet as follows:

* Elementary Kids (from nursery to 5th grade) – First Friday of each month.

* Middle and High Schoolers – Third Friday of each month.

What happens on the 2nd and 4th Friday?? Field Trips and Service Projects for ALL AGES!!! So, Fridays are ALWAYS FUN!!!


Some FAQs about Fun Fridays:

I have kids in multiple age groups. Which should we attend?

It’s up to you. You can pick and choose. See which one your family connects the most with or attend all of them. The more you participate the more connections you and your kids are going to make.

Do I have to register online for each activity?

Registering online allows our leaders to know who is coming and to prepare accordingly. Certain activities require material to be prepared in advance, or a location might need a headcount for reservations. Either way, registering is a great way to help our leadership by making their planning easier. If you missed registration for a particular activity, contact the leader as you might still be able to join.

Are Fellowship Fridays activities free?

Membership is required to participate. Most activities are free, but some may require a fee (for example, an activity like bowling).

Can I invite a friend?

If you have a friend who is considering ANCHOR, a Fellowship Friday activity might be a great way for them to get to know us. Check with your leader if the next activity is one you can bring someone to. Please limit it to one guest family per activity and one free visit per family, and ALWAYS talk to your leader first.

Can I drop off the kids and leave?

No. This is a family activity. It is our goal to have our whole families connect. We want you to make friends too! Also, you are responsible for your own kids during the entire activity.

Can I bring my other children?

Yes. All siblings are invited to join every activity. The focus will be on the age group of the event, but siblings are welcome to join in or hang out.

Have more questions? Let us know! We hope you and your family will love to make connections and have lots of fun at FELLOWSHIP FRIDAYS!!