Fun Fridays

Every Friday one age group will have an activity planned to create opportunities for fellowship, for our families to be together, for our kids to make friends and deepen those friendships, to do life together.

ANCHOR is here to provide that “tribe” we all search for and need when raising our kids. We hope that Fun Fridays will provide that opportunity to be together and get to know each other deeper.

Our groups meet as follows:

* Little Praisers (K-2nd) – First Friday of each month.

Team leader: Mindy Bosshart


* Joyful Challengers (3rd – 5th) – Second Friday of each month.

Team Leader: Stacey Christodoulou


* Overcomers (Middle School) – Third Friday of each month.

Team Leader: Stephanie Parker


* Conquerors (High School) – As scheduled per team leader.

Team leader: Delana Barker