Our Learning Clubs are an amazing new way to get our kids to learn and grow together.

They are offered in different locations and have different durations, but they all share the same amazing elements: learning and fun!

Clubs are parent-led and based on kids’ interests, so they change and grow.

Our first Learning Club of 2022 will be offered during the month of July. It is:

Sewing Club – Beginners – Ages 8 and up (6 and 7 year olds may attend with the help of a parent). Limited spaces available. 4 weeks during the month of July. Drop-off is available or siblings may hang out in the backyard. Students will learn the basics of sewing by hand and create projects to take home. Located in the South Fork community, by 301 and Big Bend (location disclosed to registered participants).

ANCHOR Membership is required.

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