Drop-Off Classes

We are excited to share that this semester we are able to offer amazing options for drop-off classes! Drop Off Classes are on Mondays at 9am.

* Music Appreciation with a Biblical Worldview (K through 3rd grade) – Cost: $25 payable to ANCHOR + $137 payable to music teacher. Membership required. 

* Baking through the Bible (5th through 8th grade) – Cost: $25 payable to ANCHOR + $25 cost of materials (payable to ANCHOR). Membership required.

* Lego Club and Doll Club (all ages) – Cost: $10 (except if parent participating in Bible Study or volunteering during this hour). Membership required.

Details for each class below:

Music Appreciation with a Biblical Worldview! (K through 3rd grade)

This experienced teacher will take our Elementary-aged kids through a world of music!

Please, meet Mrs. Cindy!

“Welcome to Miss Cyndi’s Music Room! I’m Cyndi Davis Ivery, a semi-retired music educator/music therapist. I worked in the fields of music education and therapy for over twenty years. Master’s prepared in both Piano Performance and Music Therapy, I served in several facilities including short and long term hospitals, medical facilities, and as Fine Arts Director of a Christian School in Rome, Georgia.
My love for teaching music with a Biblical Worldview began while teaching at Unity Christian School, an ACSI accredited school, in Northwest Georgia. My sons attended the school as well, and to this date it is notable that their worldview was greatly impacted by the Truth integrated into each subject they studied at Unity.
I look forward to coming alongside homeschool families who desire to shape their children’s worldviews by integrating Biblical Truths into each aspect of their learning. My desire, God willing, is to provide a Biblical foundation for each music lesson I offer. Preschool through elementary age, I offer general music, ukulele classes, and I hope to create an elementary chorus! Curriculum I offer is unique, Biblically based, and easily adaptable depending on class size and situation.”

Here’s what we will learn in our Elementary General Music Class:

• Singing: matching pitch, learning how our voices are designed to work, and singing many fun songs together
• Percussion instruments: pitched and unpitched
• Movement: traditional dances, improvisation, sign language
• Music Theory: tempo, dynamics, notation, form
• Music History: classical compositions and folk songs from all eras of history, from all around the world
• Improvising: creating our own music, our own lyrics, our own movements, even accompanying each other
• Non-music goals: socialization, taking turns, expression, academic content such as math, language, and science!
• Each lesson has a Biblical Worldview Integration to point us to a Biblical

Baking Through the Bible (5th through 8th grade)

Students will travel through the Bible while learning how to make amazing pastries to taste and take home. They will learn biblical concepts and culture as they try their hand at baking in our fully equipped kitchen. Allergy adaptations will be in place when needed.

Lego Club and Doll Club (all ages)

Kids will have materials and be given some guidance or a challenge for the day. This is not a structured CLASS.