Thinking of Homeschooling through

High School?

By Jennifer Huskey

Congratulations on making it this far! The thought of homeschooling through the high school years can be both overwhelming and exciting. Most people have a lot of self-doubt when they reach this stage. Don’t worry, this is normal. Afterall we want what is best for our kids and don’t want to hinder their future. God gave you your child(ren) for a reason…. He knew that you were equipped to meet their needs.

Embrace this new season of your child’s life where they can start setting goals to prepare themselves for life after high school. Do they plan a career where they will need a two-year associates degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree? Maybe they prefer a career in the trade industry and plan on going to a vocational school. Or perhaps they want a career serving their country in the military or serving their community by being a firefighter or police officer. The possibilities are endless. By exploring possible career choices and interests with your child, it will make planning the high school years less daunting.

There are many ways to homeschool through high school. Some families do all their schoolwork at home with only the parents as teachers. Others may choose co-op classes, drop off fee-based classes, or online classes. Some families will opt for dual enrollment and/ or early admission college classes. Or maybe you want to do a little of each…. I did…lol! There is no wrong path. Only an opportunity to see what works for your child.

Something else to consider. Are you registered with the county as a homeschooler or should you use an umbrella school? Once again there is no wrong answer here. It all depends on your needs. Some umbrella schools offer guidance counselors who can give advice along the way, provide certified transcripts, and official diplomas.

A few important things to remember. God made your child unique. Don’t compare your child to someone else’s…. not even to their sibling(s). Also, don’t compare your homeschool journey to someone else’s. The homeschool journey is unique to each child and family. When things get hard, don’t give up. Reach out for support and encouragement along the way (something I wish that I would have learned a lot earlier). You are not alone!

If you need advice, suggestions, or just a little encouragement along the way. I can be reached at


ANCHOR has a great group of High Schoolers! You will certainly fit right in and enjoy getting together for fun events, educational outings, interesting co-op classes, or just hang out. High School co-op classes are drop off optional (co-op membership required) and can be used for credit. Our events include many opportunities to get together and develop great friendships. In addition to that, we have monthly teen hang outs on the first Friday of every month! Check out our calendar for the upcoming events and to sign up to participate.  ANCHOR membership is required to participate. Join us today!

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