Registration for the Spring Semester of Co-Op has started!

23 Oct by Sandy B.ⳬ

Registration for the Spring Semester of Co-Op has started!

Current participants are already eligible to register for the 2020 Spring Semester of Co-Op! If you are currently participating, you get first dibs in what you would like to teach and in enrolling your kiddos. Other members are eligible to sign up starting November 19th. Some classes fill up quickly, so don’t delay.
You can use our online form to sign up, and drop off payment at the church office during business hours.

We can’t wait to see what classes everyone will be teaching next semester! It is always so much fun!

Classes start on January 13th, 2020.


Beth mann

I made a mistake on my registration form.
I would like to teach a class about each month. We will read books, have crafts and special snack (if allowed) that relate to the current month.


    Sandy B.ⳬ

    We will pass this on to our co-op team. 😉


Amber Goulding

Can we pay online?


    Sandy B.ⳬ

    Amber, we now have paypal. Check the instructions in your email inbox or in the post “Membership Applications Temporary Instructions”.


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