Walk-a-thon Results

15 Feb by Sandy B.ⳬ

Walk-a-thon Results

At ANCHOR, we believe teaching our kids to serve is an essential part of their education. That is why we plan Service Projects each month. They vary in kind of activity, some are physical work such as picking up trash at a park, some are more in the sense of moral support, such as sending cards to law enforcement officers. Whatever the activity, we try to teach our kids to love and serve others.

This month was no different. Our families had an amazing time while walking for life this past January. The kids raised sponsors to make pledges for their laps around the walking track at the park. It was such a fun way to involve our kids and families in serving our community.

Our families were able to raise $719 for Choices Clinics, an amazing ministry that helps women in unplanned pregnancies.

By walking and taking a stand, our families have helped support a ministry that protects LIFE.

Thank you, walkers, sponsors, and our Service Projects Director for helping us be a part of this.



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